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Side-note:The Wenzhou Medical University is the best medical university for Indian students to study MBBS in China.

Map Location Of Wenzhou Medical University

The city has a very chilled environment, and the fact that keeps people at the region are the attractions you will find visiting it. On top of everything – The city Wenzhou is very popular for education since it has been one of the top-ranked universities and institutions in China. The thing you will be attracted a lot to is people having right attitude to just do whatever it takes. They take ownership of their job and with an extreme dedication, do everything everlastingly. In terms to doing business and factories, the region has a lot of production units, producing a lot of valves, optics, and electrical equipment and so on. It just results in overall economic boost of the city. Below is the map location of the Wenzhou Medical University for your reference.

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Wenzhou Medical University Is Located In Wenzhou, China (About The City)

One of the fastest growing and progressive centers of the Middle Kingdom, the city Wenzhou is an urban district in Zhenjian Province of China. The best part is – It’s the only city which is highly considered as the most populace one in the province. Since it is located near the cities of Lishui and Taizhou, it has been washed by the East China Sea on the east side. Amazingly, the UN at large organized a contest, naming “Most Progressive Cities” in China, and Wenzhou was the one on the list by far. If you are an international student and want to study MBBS in China, the city will always become an ideal place to be at. You will also love the rich history and attractions the region has.
Side-note: The Wenzhou Medical University is one of the best and highly renowned medical universities in China.

International Airports Near Wenzhou Medical University

  • Wenzhou Yongqiang International Airport
  • Ningbo Lishe International Airport
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • Taipei Songshan Airport
  • Fuzhou Changle International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Wuyishan Airport
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About Wenzhou Medical University

As founded in 2006, the Wenzhou Medical University is one of the largest international education institutions in Zhenjiang and international students highly prefer to be at. Due to reaching the quality control standards of foreign students’ admission, the university was being included in the list of thirty medical universities in China. In terms to medical programs and MBBS course materials; you will sensationally feel the difference since it has competent and highly eloquent teachers and professors, taking students on board.

Side-note: You can always prefer the Wenzhou Medical University to study medical program in China.

Accommodation At Wenzhou Medical University

As far as the university accommodation is concerned, it has 4 campuses. The rooms are well equipped. Students have access to Internet, Air Conditioning, TV and a Telephone. On top of everything – Being an international student, you will find every amenity you will ever need for a comfortable stay.

Side-note: The Wenzhou Medical University is one of the top-ranked medical universities in China.

Advantages Of Pursuing MBBS in Wenzhou Medical University

  • Recognized By the Department Of Education, Zhejiang Province
  • Effective Clinical Medicine in China
  • Four University Campuses in Wenzhou
  • Library Has 2,250,000 Volumes
  • International Student Exchange Program
  • Competent Staff & Qualified Teachers
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Fees Structure Of Wenzhou Medical University

Number of seats for International Students 150
Located in the City Wenzhou
Travel Time from Delhi to Wenzhou 9 – 10 Hours
Average Climate -6°C to 26°C
Intake for MBBS in Wenzhou University September
NEET Requirement Yes, With Qualifying Marks
Course Duration 6 Years
Medium of Teaching English
Fees for MBBS in Wenzhou University 30000 RMB Per Year
Living Cost 1000 – 2000 RMB Per Month
Ranking World Ranking : 804
China Ranking : 78
Recognition of University MCI and WHO approved
Side-note: The Wenzhou Medical University is amazingly an MCI Approved MBBS abroad university in China you should surely enroll into.

Accreditation License

The Wenzhou Medical University has been recognized as well as accredited by the Department of Education, Zhejiang Province.
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Ranking & Recognition

When it comes to National & World Rank, the Wenzhou Medical University is at 78th and 804th position consecutively.
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Documents Required For Admission In Wenzhou Medical University

  • Copy Of Passport
  • Education Certificate
  • Personal Statement
  • No Criminal Certificate
  • Research Proposal
  • Application Form
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