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Map Location Of Nanjing Medical University

As the city is already located on the banks of the Yangtze River, on its plan rich in lakes makes the region highly pleasing and awesome to be at. The best part is – If you are an international student, willing to study MBBS programs, the Nanjing Medical University will be your best choice. In Chinese Pronunciation – “Nanjing”, it means “Southern Capital”. Amazingly, you will also have a chance to see the Stones of Flower Rain and Museums of the Taiping Uprising to the best. Below is the map location of the Nanjing Medical University for your reference!

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Nanjing Medical University Is Located In Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China (About The City)

From Drum Tower and Bell Pavilion to Nanjing Museum, the Ruins of the Imperial Palace Ming, Examination Cells, Museums of the Taiping Uprising and Zhonghuamyan Gate, you will love everything Nanjing as a city has to offer. The awesome factor for the city to be famous is also the banks of the Yangtze River it is located at. Due to economic boom and a lot of transformation, the city evolved with time and trend, making its way to providing a great livelihood to everyone in the region. It is also known as the ‘Capital of Trend Dynasties’.
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International Airports Near Nanjing Medical University

  • Nanjing Lukou International Airport (Nanjing, China)
  • Hefei Luogang International Airport (Hefei, China)
  • Sunan Shuofang International Airport (Wuxi, China)
  • Yancheng Nanyang Airport (Yancheng, China)
  • Huai’an Lianshui Airport (Huaian, China)
Side-note:If you want to enroll into the Nanjing Medical University, do ensure to get in touch. The university is considered as the best medical university across China and world. Let’s get you an admission!

About Nanjing Medical University

When it comes to studying in a higher education medical institution in China, no one beats the Nanjing Medical University at large. The main building of the university is located in Nanjing, the city which has a lot of attractions and ancient architectures. If you are an international student and want to study medical program of your choice, switching to it will help you with a lot of added advantages. The best part is – Having the giant library with a lot of volumes to campus for international students to stay in, the university has the best experts and teachers committed to making the difference. Overall university environment is highly awesome to be at.

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Accommodation At Nanjing Medical University

If you are an international student, and want to live right on the University Campus, you get that opportunity for sure. Campus rooms are well equipped with laundries, washing machines and necessary amenities. You can also cook food in kitchen, provided as shared basis. From furniture and necessary equipment you will need in place, things are all perfect for a comfortable stay. Rooms also have air conditioning, free internet access, a telephone and TV to get the best out everything.

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Advantages Of Pursuing MBBS in Nanjing Medical University

  • International Exchange Of Students & Teachers
  • Qualified Staff & Specialists
  • Robust Educational Process
  • Awesome University Dormitories
  • Amazing Infrastructure
  • Pleasing Dining Rooms
  • Quality Food at Affordable Rates
  • Best Medical University In China
  • 35th Place In The National Ranking
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Fees Structure Of Nanjing Medical University

  Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Tuition Fee 340,000 340,000 340,000 340,000 340,000 Internship in India
Hostel 65,000 65,000 65,000 65,000 65,000
Others* 80,000 13,000 13,000 13,000 13,000
TOTAL 485,000 418,000 418,000 418,000 418,000
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Accreditation License

The Nanjing Medical University has been recognized and accredited by the Education Department, Jiangsu Province.
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Ranking & Recognition

When it comes to National Rank & World Rank, the Nanjing Medical University is at 44th and 577th positions consecutively.
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Documents Required For Admission In Nanjing Medical University

  • Application Form
  • Guardian Letter
  • Personal Statement
  • Copy Of Your Passport
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Physical & Medical Examination Certificate
  • English Proficiency Certificate

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