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Dr. Shubham Gautam

President of mbbsuniversities.com,
M.D. Physician, MPH (Canada)

“Completing my medical degree has been my dream ever since I was a child. I never thought my dream would become a reality. I did my M.D and MPH abroad. The route I had to take was long and difficult. The agents and consultants I dealt with could only help me so far. As a new student in an unknown place, I had wished for more support which never came. That is why I built mbbsuniversities.com with my team of doctors. We have a vision to give Indian medical aspirants the best medical education the world has to offer. Our mission is to provide legitimate information and provide constant support to the students until they’ve completed their course.”

Dr. Suraj Lal

M.D. Physician (Ukraine)

“mbbsuniversities.com is a dream project started by my senior Dr. Shubam and I after years of working together. We initially began working as medical education consultants to help students who were in dire need of assistance to pursue their education abroad. But as time elapsed, we thought of expanding our services to give every medical aspirant in India a chance to fulfil their dreams. We made our services formally into mbbsuniversities.com. Our team consists of doctors who have completed their medical education in various international medical universities as well as from Indian medical colleges.”

Dr. Dimple Patel

M.D. Physician, CCEBDM (Public Health Foundation of India),
ACLS/BLS Certified

“I grew up in a family who encouraged me to follow my dreams. They were with me every step of the way till I reached my goal, to have the two letters ‘Dr’ before my name. I succeeded. I completed my degree in Tver National Medical University in Russia. I was guided by a consultancy with very little information about the university or medical education abroad. As you can imagine, this led to some issues. At the time, I never knew that there could be another option, but now there is for our students. mbbsuniversities.com was created by doctors for future doctors.”

Dr. Priya Patel

Hi I am Priya Patel from Ahmedabad Gujarat. I obtained my medical MD Physician degree from medical school in Ukraine, after which I gave USMLE step 1, step 2CS and 2CK. Currently I am doing my residency in the field of Internal Medicine in New York, USA. My journey during medical school was very diverse, along with achieving academic knowledge I also had the opportunity to interact with variety of people with different cultures that gave me friends for life. During my time in Ukraine I had the chance to visit international conference in Netherlands that helped me expand my horizon of medicine and got a platform for networking. I would strongly recommend you join MBBSuniversity.com and get the first-hand experience of the doctors and medical students to help you get a better Idea for your future.

Dr. Fenil Majmundar

Consultant Physician at K.K.Multispeciality Hospital
M.D. Physician, CCEBDM (Public Health Foundation of India),
PGCIH (M.S. University),
ACLS/BLS Certified

“Being a doctor is an honor like no other. We work day and night to help people who come to us in the hope that we’ll save them. We deal with patients with a simple fever to a deadly disease. I grew up in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat. I completed my medical education from one of the finest international universities. I’m currently practicing in K.K.Multispeciality Hospital as a physician. But mbbsuniversities.com is a part of who I am. We can guide students to a better future with ease and surety, unlike other consultancies. We’ve lived the life they’re going to live and so, we can understand and support them during every step of the way. I’m proud to call myself a doctor who guides future doctors.”

Dr. Jalpa Patel

M.D. Physician

“Women in our country face a number of hurdles as we grow up. Restrictions that even affect our education. I’ve more fortunate than many. I pursued my medical education abroad. Now, I’m a woman and I’m a doctor. I want to pave the way for women such as myself who dream of becoming a doctor. Doctors serve mankind. We strive to create a safe and healthy world. Mbbsuniversities.com has helped keep my dream alive and fulfil the dreams of such students.”

Dr. Ravi Patel

M.D. Physician,
PGCIH (M.S. University)

“Pursuing MBBS seems like a far-fetched dream in India. With more than eight hundred thousand applicants each year, it seems quite impossible. But I live my dream now as a practising doctor. When all hope seemed lost to me, hope appeared in the form of an acceptance letter to one of the finest medical universities in the world, Tver National Medical University in Russia. Yes, I completed my MBBS abroad. Now, through mbbsuniversities.com, we can guide medical aspirants to fulfil their dreams.”

Dr. Rikhiv Desai

M.D. Physician
UPHC (Bawchwad, Varodara)

“Education is the key that unlocks the future. Medical education, on the other hand, helps sustain the health of the world. Mbbsuniversities.com is to guide future doctors to realize their potential through the best education in the world. Here, doctors light the path to their future. I believe that doctors are the best guides for future doctors. We’ve gone through the same hurdles and roadblocks that they will, and we succeeded. Consultants and agents can only do so much. But our personal experiences and contacts will guide you every step of the way until the end of your course.”

Dr. Chandan Singh

M.D. Physician

“The NEET system has led a lot of medical aspirants to give up their dreams. The examination is highly competitive and it keeps increasing every year. But mbbsuniversities.com is a doorway of hope. Many students are unaware of affordable education online. That’s why we started this initiative to show students that pursuing medical education abroad is not as expensive and impossible as it sounds. As a member of mbbsuniversities.com, I’m proud to say that we have, we can and we will.”

Dr. Dhwani Shah

M.D. Physician,
M.Sc. Psychology (UK)

“No one can truly understand the beauty of the medical profession until they’ve lived it or dreamt it. Medical aspirants understand the beauty of the job as well as the responsibilities it entitles. In my years of practising at Sterling Hospital, I’ve felt the immense joy of serving the people who seek sanctum in my skills. If I hadn’t followed my dream and made it a reality, all of what I hold dear would’ve been lost. I’m here today because I pursued my MBBS abroad. With mbbsuniversities.com, we seek to guide the nation’s future doctors.”

Dr. Ravish Mehra

M.D. Physician

“We at mbbsuniversities.com aren’t just consultants, we’re doctors practising in various medical institutions throughout India. Most of us pursued our MBBS abroad, and lived in the universities for 6 years. We know the universities and the country in and out. The information we have and the contacts we’ve gained are from 6 years of experience so our guidance is far accurate than other consultants and agents. We believe we can find the university best suited for you as an individual as well as based on your academic excellence. We truly are doctors guiding future doctors, and we guide them till the end.”

Dr. Amy George

Hello friends, Myself Dr.Amy George. My home town is kochi, Kerala. I am a graduate of Sun Yat Sen University. Right now I am working in a CHC Kerala. Till my higher secondary exam I never had a plan of going abroad, but I could only picture me as a Doctor . So like everyone after my board exam started my preparations for entrance exams. But as i was not able to secure rank enough to get a seat at government college in India and I didn’t want to waste one more year . Thats the time mbbs abroad was also an option. But as of now i can tell everyone very proudly ,it was one of my best decision in my life.

The infrastructure and the study system of the college just surprised me. Made friends from people all over the globe. And obviously I can tell I was totally growing up as a better human, who can face any challenges in life, who can stay positive throughout, who can do things in a much better and confident way.

And now as I am also a part of team mbbsuniversities.com. Why because I love to share my experience and if that can help anyone, I will be the grateful

Dr. Arun pazhayampally

chief counselor

Myself Dr Arun pazhayam Pally Graduated From BSMU, Ukraine and one the chief counselor of Team mbbsuniversities.com

I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to acquire my medical education from a foreign university . which was a major turning point of my life. There was a lot of advantages one being small group class and individual attention and daily test credit system also other advantage being able to acquaint with new friends from various parts of the world through exchange of language , culture and tradition.

Every year there are more than 10,000 indian students who take admission in top medical universities of Ukraine , Russia , China , Georgia , Philippines.

Ukraine has become most popular destination for Mbbs for Indian students. Due to its global standard of education in affordable prices. One of the reason students opt to study abroad is the exposure as well as the opportunity around the globe.

Ukraine is one of the best option because 99% of medical universities in Ukraine are administered by Govt and are listed in WHO and Medical council of India.

These graduates are qualified to practice anywhere in the world after clearing screening test in respective countries and in India we are required to clear Fmg Exam conducted by NBE.

Which makes the place a dreamland for Mbbs aspirants , Our expert counsel it’s helps in determining which university is appropriate for the student according to their preferences.

Choosing the right career is as important as choosing the right partner , Now it’s your turn to make a decision.

Be wise and Have a colourful Life.

Dr.Lakshmi Sudheer Pillai

Hello doctors

I am Dr.Lakshmi Sudheer pillai, Graduated from Belgaum, Bangalore. Being a part of mbbsuniversities.com I will be very happy to resolve all the queries you have related to Mbbs course. Not only me but all of our Doctors in the team are very much dedicated to help and guide you.

Dr.Reshma David

Hai guys

I am Dr.Reshma David working at a Primary health center, Kerala. I have compleated my Mbbs from S.M.C.S.I Karakonam. I feel great to be a part of mbbsuniversities.com. My association with this team started when I referred a student for Mbbs in Ukraine to Dr.Suraj lal who is the Vice President of mbbsuniversities.com . I came to know about their team and what surprised me is all of them are profesionally well qualified and settled Doctors, Many of them doing their post graduations too and in mean while they share their experience in this profession with their juniors also with a mission of guiding them in the best way. So i thought if my experience can help some one, I also defenitely want to be a part of this mission.So all my friends who have dreamed of themselves as future Doctors can join us and we will give our 100 percent for all your queries.

Dr. Roshan Rama Moorthy

Hello everyone

I am Dr. Roshan Rama Moorthy from Palakkad. I am working at present in Thankam Hospital, Palakkad. I am in this team of mbbsuniversities.com from last 11 years. And I think in these years my experience and guidance have helped many of my junior medical aspirants. I strongly believe no one can guide as the way we do because our team consists of more than 50 doctors who did their MBBS from China, Ukraine, Georgia, Krygyzthan, Russia, Moldova, Philippines, Bangalore, Mangalore, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, Usa and from much more places. As we have gone through all the procedures from the admissions time, the course days and even the various examinations like FMGE , USMLE, NEET , AMC and all, the experience our team can share will be immensive and unique