KROK Examination

KROK is a medical licensing exam for the disciplines of ‘Medicine’, ‘Dentistry’ and ‘Pharmacy’ in Ukraine. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, conducts the Krok exam for medical students to qualify from third year to fourth year.

Clearing the KROK exam opens new opportunities for medical students planning to make a medical career in the Ukraine. KROK is mandatory in the Ukrainian Medical Examination. However, the standards of KROK exam is high and might not be cleared by students in first attempt.

Here in comes the role of As we help medical aspiring students make a medical career in the Ukraine, we too guide them for registering, applying, appearing and clearing the KROK exam of Ukraine. If you are planning for the KROK exam, get in touch with us now.

KROK exam is divided into 2 parts –










Basic biomedical sciences

3rd year



  • 1 mark for correct answer

  • No negative marking

3 hours 20 minutes (200 minutes)


2 times

2nd week of September


Basic professionally oriented disciplines

After completing 6th year (before beginning medical internship)


3 hours 20 minutes (200 minutes)


Within a year

June First Week

For local students

June Third Week

For international students



KROK exam is conducted by Testing Center of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Official website of KROK exam authority - The same link can be used by international medical graduates to learn more and apply for KROK exam.

KROK exam is conducted in three languages –

  • Ukraine
  • Russian
  • English

KROK Number of Attempts:

KROK 1 exam can be taken twice.

KROK 2 retest must be taken within a year.

Students who fail KROK exam are not permitted for the following –

  • Finish the state graduation tests
  • To get KROK exam certification
  • Don’t pass state attestation and diploma of higher education

Eligibility criteria for KROK Exam, Ukraine:

  • Students without arrears
  • Students who clear KROK 1 can only appear for KROK 2

KROK Exam Syllabus:

KROK Exam 1 Syllabus

KROK Exam 2 Syllabus

Human anatomy


Biological Chemistry

Histology, Cytology and Embryology

Microbiology, Virology and Immunology





Therapeutic profile (Therapy, Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Occupational Diseases, Phthisiatry, Radiology and Radiation Medicine, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Neurology, Clinical Immunology, Clinical Pharmacology)


Surgical (general surgery, oncology, urology, anesthesiology and critical care medicine, orthopedics and traumatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, forensic medicine)


Pediatric tasks (pediatrics, childhood infections, neonatology),

12.5% of hygiene profile tasks (hygiene, health care organization)


Obstetrics and gynecology


KROK Exam History:

The history of KROK exam in Ukraine dates back to 1999.

KROK Exam Statistics:

Close to 50,000-60,000 students appear for the KROK exam.

KROK Exam Pass Mark:

To pass the KROK exam, the pass mark for both the parts is 60.5%.

KROK Exam Fail Rate:

Almost 30% students fail on the first attempt of the KROK exam (2018 data).

KROK Exam Question Pattern:

KROK exam has 4 or 5 multiple choice question pattern.

KROK Exam Results:

Results of KROK exam is published within 14-days of the test in electronic pattern.

The result of KROK exam, Ukraine is presented in qualitative and quantitative form-

Qualitative Result Of KROK Exam

Quantitative Results Of KROK Exam

“Composed” / “Not Made”, is based on the requirements of higher education standards of Ukraine as to the professional competence of a specialist

Presented in the multi-point scale of the licensing exam (MLI score) with an average score of 200 and a standard deviation of 20, ie varying in the range from 140 to 260 points.


COMMON FAQs related to KROK exam by –

  • KROK exam applies to which country?

KROK exam applies to Ukraine medical education system.

  • Who can apply and appear for the KROK exam?

Both local medical graduates of Ukraine and international medical graduates can apply for the KROK exam.

  • When does the KROK exam take place?

KROK 1 exam

3rd year of MBBS

KROK 2 exam

6th year of MBBS (before internship)

  • How to apply for KROK exam?

You can apply for KROK exam with We help international medical graduates apply for the KROK exam through the official website of KROK exam authority -

  • Can Indian students apply for KROK exam?

Yes, Indian students in plan to pursue a medical career in Ukraine can apply for the KROK exam 1 and 2.


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