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At the center of the Northeastern Regions of China, Jilin Province is located. And, the amazing part is – It shares the border with Russia and DPRK, having the Yalu & Tuman River altogether. When it comes to attracting tourists, the number one thing that ranks at the top are the natural objects such as Changbai Mountain, the seething river of Sehnua and endless steppes! The best part is – If you are ‘Cranes lover’, you will have all them up at the location. With that being said – From state-of-the-art infrastructure to impressive transportation connectedness, the province has a lot to offer, even if you are a traveler and want to experience a comfortable rest and movement. Endlessly awesomeness you will ever get to feel is when visiting and looking at the palace-museum of the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, a film studio, the Changbai International Film Festival, the legacy of the Korean rulers of Koguryo, the Festival of Korean Culture in Yanbian, the traditions of the ancient Manchu, the Ice Festival and so on. Changchun Longjia International Airport is too close to the Jilin University, makes the best of everything at the same time. As the statistics go, Jilin has an area of 190,000 km2. (73,000 sq. mi.); and a population of 27.3 million! Jilin’s capital is Changchun. It’s quite easier to find a lot of different historical monuments and attractions, and the region is highly famous for its automotive industry and several monuments. The top symbols of the city are the Changchun Institute of Precision Optical Instruments, the University of Jilin and Changchun University.
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Jilin University, Located In Changchun City, Jilin Province (About The City)

From Jilin Provincial Museum to Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchu State, you will surely love these wonderful attractions. However, the list doesn’t stop here. The Changchun City is also popular for the Capital & Tombs of the Ancient Kingdom of Kogurio, Wen Temple (Confucius Temple) & Changbai Mountain, and is in Northeast China. The city’s only hallmark is forests, people and houses that resonate well harmon iously. As far as the city height is concerned, it’s at the moderate one, from 250 to 350 meters. Plus, there are small areas of low mountains in the eastern part and the Itong River, which is a small tributary of the Sungari that flows directly through the city. And, when it comes to Changchun Prefecture, it is rich in rivers and lakes and there are almost 222 of them in total. The cradle of the Chinese Automobile Industry is Changchun. So, it’s worth to state – It’s China’s famous ‘Auto-City’. The best of everything – The city has four seasons which makes things super enticing, engaging and favorable at large for international students to experience a different culture and vibes at the same time. On top of everything – If you love checking out historical objects and feel something different out of everything, visiting the city becomes the only choice since there are a lot of historical objects that highly attract tourists by far. The amazing thing is – The city appearance has changed drastically and become one of its kinds. From high-rising buildings to transportation connectivity, two metro lines and modern facilities, you will love the way things have built up. Last, but not the least – You will surely go amazed visiting the Amusement Park the city has to offer.
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International Airports Near Jilin, China to Jilin University

  • Changchun Longjia International Airport (85 KM, Changchun, China)
  • Harbin Taiping International Airport (373 KM, Harbin, China)
  • Changbaishan Airport (351 KM, Baishan, China)
  • Tonglio Airport (391 KM, Tongliao, China)
Side-note: To studying MBBS in China for Indian Students, the lucrative thing one will ever experience is the international airports that are too close to Jilin Medical MBBS University in China, so studying medical in China becomes an easy option to the fullest.

About Jilin University

The Jilin University has been established and founded on 1946 with an effort to making a difference and change in lives. When it comes to ranking in Chinese Universities and the World Ranking, Jilin as a state university ranks at 15th and 313th respectively. The numbers are mesmerizing as the university has almost 12 different faculties such as Economics, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Literature, Law, Natural Sciences, History, Agronomy, Medicine, Management, Military Affairs and the Technical Faculty. And, what attracts the students from all over the world is the university has been held at a high level under the supervision of 4000 qualified, competent and knowledgeable teachers. Thus, if you are looking for something, you just graduate and start to work, the best part is – You can easily get a job to work in China. The university puts in impetus efforts and ensures potential candidates and students become qualified specialists and possess a great demand around the world. On the other hand, Jilin University has partnered with more than 130 universities, colleges and research institutes from 40 countries and districts, making a favorable destination for home and international students to get qualifications out of. Again, the university has almost 1.2 thousand international (foreign) students studying in total number. What makes this university super best again is it is one of the largest higher education institutions in Jilin Province you will ever find. Not only that, but it’s a leading center for education and enlightenment in the province. The university also undertakes a lot of international activities to make learning and education super engaging and amazing at the same time. With having 50 multimedia classrooms and specialized classes for language training, the university has by far, almost 5.26 million volumes for students to study to the greatest degree possible. In the similar manner, you can find several campuses at the university.
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Accommodation at Jilin University

The only thing that separates this university from others is the kind of financial support it provides to some of the students. And, students are also given the opportunity to stay in comfortable 1-2 bed dormitory rooms on campus and eat food at the café at large.
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Advantages of Pursuing MBBS in Jilin University

With having amazing and long-lasting educational buildings on the campus and dormitories, the university also has Dining Rooms, A Wonderful Library, Internet Cafes, Gyms, Playgrounds, A Museum and Shops.
Below are the advantages of pursuing MBBS in Jilin University :
  • Low Cost Of Training

    With a small income, education in China is highly available to students. When it comes to tuitions in China, in compare to Russian Universities, fees are much lower by far. From food to housing, things are quite affordable.

  • The Possibility Of Receiving Scholarships

    International students get a fortune studying in China as they can get qualified for a lot of scholarship programs. The best part is – By sponsoring studies and accommodation to talented and hardworking students, it really makes sense Chinese Government puts in and encourages them to go a higher level.

  • Accommodations

    Students at Jilin University experience a comfortable life and can study in a very favorable condition! On top of everything – The University has advanced infrastructure, fully furnished hostels and highly welcomes foreign students to study and shape their career. With having dormitories for foreign students, students can comfortably stay, relax and study than in ordinary Chinese hostels.

  • The Possibility Of A Side Job

    Earning extra money works amazingly. That’s how while studying, students in China can work at Chinese Companies to make a living and pocket money! And, there’s a lot of scope of temporary employment students in China.

  • Employment Of Graduates

    Finding work in Chinese or international company is quite easy, and a lot of students who before their graduation or obtain a diploma of higher education get the job. That’s what makes the difference and becomes a deal everyone will ever want to have in place.

  • MCI Recognized Medical (MBBS) University In China

    So, that’s what changes the mood and makes Jilin University as the best medical (MBBS) university to study in. And, now – It has become one of the leading medical universities in China that has been recognized by MCI at large. Thus, study MBBS in Jilin University, today!

Fees Structure of Jilin University

Need To Include Fees Structure of Jilin University
University Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students Total MBBS Tuition Fees(Rs.)
Jilin University Eligibility: Indian Student should get 85% in PCB of 12th. (70% PCB in ICSE/CBSE) Update Soon
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Accreditation License

Institutional Accreditation by Department of Education, Jilin Province
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Ranking & Recognition

Jilin University is a state university that ranks among Chinese Universities & World Rankings at 15th and 313th respectively.
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Documents Require For Admission In Jilin University

  • Certificate Confirming The Fact Of Passing The Exam
  • Documents Confirming Applicant Identity
  • Medical Certificate
  • Documents Confirming Identity & Incoming Citizen’s Citizenship
  • Certification Of Higher Education
  • Copy Of Passport
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Number of seats for International Students 62
Located in the City Changchun
Travel Time from Delhi to Changchun 11 – 12 hours
Average Climate 4.9 °C
Intake for MBBS in Jilin University September
NEET Requirement Yes, With Qualifying Marks
Course Duration 6 Years
Medium of Teaching English
Fees for MBBS in Jilin University 29000 RMB Per Year
Living Cost 160 – 250 USD Per Month
Ranking World Ranking : 334
China Ranking : 19
Recognition of University MCI and WHO approved

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