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Low-cost medical education and studying MBBS from USA might sound so contradictory but can be achieved with – the fastest growing international medical education consultant in India. When aspiring students reach us asking why MBBS in USA, we begin with a simple explanation – 41% of the world’s best 100 universities are located in the USA. That’s just one. There are plenty of more reasons on how studying medical in USA benefits a student’s career.
In this blog post by, we will discuss about the merits of studying MBBS in USA for Indian Students including medical colleges of USA, MBBS course duration in USA, MBBS in USA after 12th, cost of studying medicine in USA for Indian Students and documents required for MBBS in USA programs in order to help aspiring Indian and international students develop a good understanding about the medical education in USA.


Flag MBBS In usa
Currency US Dollar
Important Airports
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Washington Dulles International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Chicago Midway International Airport
Local Language English (American English)
Area 9.834 million km²
National Plant Rose
National Animal American bison
National Anthem

The Star-Spangled Banner

O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there; O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Time Zone GMT-4
India time is 9 hours 30 minutes ahead of the USA
Driving Side Right Hand
Dial Code +1
ISO code USA
Climate Continental with hot summers and cold winters
Government Federal constitutional republic with the President of the United States as the head of both state and government
USA – New Delhi Distance 13595 Kms
Neighbouring Countries Canada, Mexico,Russia, Cuba, and the Bahamas (Maritime border)
Major USA Cities New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Antonio, Dellas, Austin, Columbus, San Francisco, Fort Worth, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, Portland, Las Vegas, Oklahoma
Introduction to USA:
With the world largest economy, United States of America (USA) has contributed the world by discovering nuclear weapons, internet, Keck Observatory's telescopes, television and more. Similarly, the medical industry of the USA witnessed fastest growth in 2019 at 6.6% CAGR. The USA also has the largest medical device market in the world.
With such statistics, advocates aspiring students to choose the USA for MBBS over other MBBS abroad destinations for better opportunities, wider market and increasing success rate.
  • Tourist attractions in the USA include –
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Niagara Falls
  • White House
Borders of the USA:
North South  
Canada–United States border Mexico–United States border Russia–USA maritime boundary
Climatic Conditions in the USA:
USA is home to a variety of climates. Generally, and mostly, it is continental climate with cold winters and hot summer. Cold waves of different intensity are also common during winter.
West coast Coast of the Gulf of Mexico Florida Central-eastern part North-western states San Francisco Seattle Los Angeles Las Vegas Southwestern part of Arizona and south-eastern tip of California - Sonoran Desert El Paso
Cool and damp climate Mild winter; Hog and Muggy Summer Tropical climate Humid rainy unstable climate Cool and rainy Mild climate – rainy winter and sunny for rest of the year Frequent rain Warm for most of the year Bearable hot summer and cold winter nights Summer Monsoon Scare rainfall mostly in summer
Major USA Cities:
Capital city Washington DC
Most populated city New York
Largest city Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Antonio, Dellas, Austin, Columbus, San Francisco, Fort Worth, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, Portland, Las Vegas, Oklahoma
USA Religion:
Majority population of the USA are Christians. Minority religions in the USA are Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and others.
Currency in the USA:
The currency of the USA is United States Dollar. (100 USD = 7512 INR approx.)
International Airports in the USA:
There are 149 international airports in the USA. Listed are 5 busy ones from the list:
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Washington Dulles International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Chicago Midway International Airport
USA – New Delhi Distance:

The distance between USA and New Delhi is 13595 kms.

There is one-stop and two-stop flights to America from India. Usually, the flight duration is around 15-20 hours.

Language Spoken in the USA:

The most popular language of USA is English.

English as the most popular language of the USA makes it very easy for Indian students to cope. In fact, to pursue MBBS in USA, it is mandatory for Indian students to qualify the IELTS/TOEFL English proficiency test.

USA Government:
USA federal government is the national government formed 200+ years ago. The federal government of USA has 3 branches - legislative, executive and judicial.
Healthcare in the USA:

USA is a hub of prestigious medical organizations and Indian students can best treatment here, if required during the tenure of MBBS study in USA. Medical sector in USA is majorly privately owned. There is also non-profit, government-owned, and for-profit medical organizations. In case of complex medical problems, recommends Indian students to come home, get treatment and get back to America at their best health.

Common diseases that happen in USA are chronic lower respiratory disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia.

International Students Statistics:
In 2019, the USA welcomed 1,095,299 students. This marks it the fourth consecutive when the USA hostel more than 1million international students in diverse academic streams.
Top 3 countries from where international students arrive in the USA for MBBS statistics-
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • China

To outshine in the art of empowering medical professionals and foster global competency among medical students, medical colleges in USA for Indian students impart MBBS courses designed with value and research based learning. Every year MCI approved medical colleges in USA develop service minded and scientific tempered Indian medical graduates imbibed with exemplary stature to serve the humanity. Successful medical graduates of medical university in USA has scope of practicing in both India and America.

Among study MBBS in abroad destinations, though the expense for MBBS in America might be steeper, yet considering its offerings, opportunities and success rate it is worth a consideration, according to – the best international medical education consultant in India.

Every year while helping thousands of Indian students MBBS admission in USA process, we ensure students and parents make choices based on their budget by combining best education loans, scholarships and grants.

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Medicine

Bachelor of Surgery

Intake September/October
Course Duration 4 years

50% score for science stream students, English medium

MCAT exam

NEET exam


Medium Of Teaching English
Fees Structure 11-20 lacs INR/year
Cost Of Living Depends on student
Accommodation Facility University hostel
Medical Universities, USA Recognition MCI, WHO, FAIMER, UNESCO, Ministry of Education of India
About the USA in the field of Medicine

Presently, the medical education market of America is experiencing a fast pace growth steadily escalating demand for MBBS degree from USA across the world. This is backed by solid reasons such as specialized services for international students, culturally diverse student population, wide range of campus activities, choice of 10 MCI approved medical universities of USA and wider chances of medical career in the USA. To experience it all by being part of best medical university in USA, please get in touch with the team.

Every year helps thousands of Indian students’ study medicine in USA seamlessly.

MBBS in the USA - How safe for Indian Students?
Safety is a top concern for Indian students aspiring to apply to colleges in USA for MBBS via every year. This is due to the recent increase in hate violence activities directed towards the South Asian community that is being covered in the news. However, teaching faculty being very strict in the 10 MCI approved medical colleges, America, there has been so far no records of such activities against Indian or Asian students. College ambience, atmosphere and surrounding of these medical colleges, USA are very professional and curriculum oriented only. During recess, students are encouraged to practice extracurricular activities and thus, maintain a serene learning environment always.
The MBBS course, USA is spanned for 4-years.
4 years 2 years pre-clinical didactic courses in the basic sciences 2 years clinical clerkships
However, in order to pursue this 4-year MBBS course, USA there is prerequisite of BS-Degree which further takes 2-4years. Plus, the residency program duration varies between 3-10 years. So, the MBBS USA course duration for international medical graduates depend on the kind of medical course they choose to do in the USA –
MBBS in USA + PG in USA 11-years
During the course of the MBBS program in USA, students also have to complete the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) for getting admission in USA medical residency program and obtaining medical license:
On second year of MBBS course

On fourth year of MBBS course

USMLE CK – online USMLE CS –USA only

On completing hospital clerkship in USA
Only students who complete both hospital clerkship and USMLE 1,2 can apply for medical post graduate residency program in the USA. This can take up to 3-7 years.
MBBS Fees in USA:

The USA medical colleges fees are 10,50,000 INR – 46,00,000 INR per year.

The above is an estimate for Indian and international medical graduates planning to do both MBBS and PG in the USA.

The cost of medical education in USA, also includes the following expenses-

  • Student visa
  • Health and insurance expense
  • Cost of living in USA
  • Air ticket price
  • Emergency costs helps students to avail the best education loan for MBBS in USA such that they can comfortably achieve their dream without worrying about the cost of MBBS in USA. Moreover, the USA Government offers scholarships up to 2 million valuations for worthy international students from which helps you to make a choice and get privileges of MBBS in USA scholarship paying fees for MBBS in USA. Scholarships can only be availed by eligible students.
**This is an estimate regarding the MBBS fees structure in USA by Please cross-verify exact fee structure of USA medical colleges on the official university website before making any payment.
Monthly cost of living in USA for a healthy student life (except hostel fees):
Stationery & Books 13000 INR
Utility Bills 12000 INR
Personal expense 8000 INR
Food, outing & trips 15000 INR
Clothing 14000 INR
Monthly Transport Ticket 8000 INR
60,000 INR – 70,000INR (approx.)
Education Loan for MBBS in USA for Indian Students helps international and Indian students get the best bank education loan to secure admission in the USA medical school and clear the cost of medical school in the USA. We help students and parents to opt for education loans that has wide range of collateral choices like NSC, KVP Policy, residential policy and more. Education loan for MBBS at USA are backed with mostly preferential interest rates. Flexible repayment option in up to 15-years, doorstep services are further benefits that helps students to avail when choosing the best education loan for MBBS course in the USA.
One of the top MBBS in USA benefits is accommodation facility in university hostel on-campus during the entire span of the course. The common hostel amenities for Indian students in USA for MBBS are as follows:
  • Clean and ventilated rooms on single/share accommodation
  • Celebrations got students to understand the USA culture
  • High internet wifi speed
  • Minimum furniture like bed, side table, study table for individual student
  • Appliances include heater (for winter months), geyser, computer lab
  • Canteen serving healthy food
  • Choice of self-cooking in shared kitchen
  • 24/7 electricity, water supply, security and CCTV surveillance
  • Laundry and housekeeping services on extra charges
  • Recreation facilities
  • Central heating and air conditioning system
  • Strict hostel timing and rules
  • Separate hostel for male and female students
  • Hostel warden in each hostel
  • Availability of veg Indian food

All USA MBBS college are located in prime locations. This makes ATM, restaurant, recharge joints, groceries and supermarkets available for all students very close by to the hostel premises.

Please note, hostel fees are not included in the tuition fees of best MBBS colleges in USA. Only when students clear the hostel fee and hostel joining formalities with the help of, that they are permitted to avail hostel benefits.

Application Date February
Latest Application Date June/July
Visa Approval Date August/September
New Session Commence Date September/October
In the first two years of the MBBS course in the USA, pre-clinical curriculum includes theoretical learning. Rest of the MBBS program of USA is practical learning and clinical skill development. Below is the list of subjects introduced to Indian students during first two years of pre-clinical stage (5-trimesters) of MBBS course, USA:
  • Anatomy
  • Medical Physiology I, II
  • Histology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry II & Genetics
  • Neuroanatomy I, II
  • Medical Pharmacology I, II
  • Pathology I,II
  • Introduction to Clinical Medicine I,II
  • Microbiology I
  • Behavioral Science I,II
  • DPR & Medical Ethics
  • Anatomy II (Head and Neck)
  • Essentials of Clinical Sciences
Medical Post-Graduation in the USA:

The medical post-graduate courses are also Residency Program in the USA. During the Residency Program in USA, Indian students can choose their area of specialization which further determines the duration of the course. Usually, post graduate residency medical programs, USA spans for 3-7 years. Simultaneously students have to pursue and complete the USMLE exam in order to practice in the USA as a medical professional.

  • Score:

    The primary MBBS eligibility in USA for Indian students is 50% score on PCB 12th standard for Science stream students (Biology, Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects).

    Students with less than 50% marks in PCB 12th standard, Science stream have to appear for medical entrance exams in USA for securing admission.

    Pre-medical year is compulsory for students who are not from Science background.

  • Age:

    The MBBS in USA age limit for male and female students is between the ages of 17 and 25. It’s important for students to qualify the age MBBS eligibility in USA for Indian students.

  • NEET:

    NEET is mandatory in USA admission for MBBS course. During document submission process, students have to submit the NEET scorecard copy as well.


    IELTS and TOEFL is mandatory to proof English proficiency is mandatory for students who plan both MBBS and medical PG in the USA.


MCAT is Medical College Admission Test conducted in the USA, Canada, and Caribbean Islands. The history of MCAT exam for MBBS, USA dated back to 1928. Since 2007, the MCAT exam format has been completely computerized.

The MCAT exam is conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

MCAT exam duration is up to 7.5 hours on a score range of 472-528.

One can appear for the MCAT exam 7 times in total.

International medical graduates who plan for both MBBS and PG medical in the USA need to clear MCAT.

MCAT Exam Test Structure:
Section Number of Questions Time Allotted
Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems 59 95 minutes
Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems 59 95 minutes
Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior 59 95 minutes
Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills 53 90 minutes

Students who complete MBBS in Abroad, CIS countries or Caribbean islands can easily skip the MCAT exam. recommends MBBS in abroad countries followed by medical PG in USA to also help students avoid the stress, pressure and preparation of the MCAT exam.

  • 10th and 12th standard mark sheet
  • School leaving certificate
  • Character certificate from school
  • Student resume
  • Parent consent letter
  • Recommendation letter from school
  • NEET mark sheet (original and copy)
  • Student birth certificate (notarized copy)
  • HIV test report
  • Permission letter from USA Embassy
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Valid passport of student
  • Medical checkup form
  • Medical certificate from authorized doctor
  • No criminal record certificate
  • Age Proof of student
  • Disability certificate (if any)
  • 6- passport size photo
  • Invitation letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USA
  • Contact details of family members

**Authorization of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

**Legalization of all documents from the USA Embassy

** Carry 3 sets of photocopies of all aforementioned documents when travelling to USA for MBBS

Documents required to get students visa to study MBBS in the USA:
  • 6 Passport size photograph of applicant
  • Passport of applicant
  • Visa Application Fee Receipt
  • VFS Appointment Letter
  • DS 160 application form (with barcode and student signature)
  • USA University 1-120 form
Perks of MBBS in the USA for Indian science students
  • Low-cost medical education in USA compared to other international countries
  • Experienced and non-partial faculty from all parts of the world
  • Scope of student exchange program with other leading universities
  • World-class education system followed in MBBS universities of USA
  • Seamless MBBS admission process in USA with
  • Equal weightage of theoretical and clinical learning
  • Step in to second largest global economy of the world
  • Solid placement programs and placement assurance by USA medical colleges
  • Choice of higher medical education (Masters or PhD) in medical schools, USA
  • Geographical proximity to home country
  • Graded medical universities, USA for ease of selection
  • Varied education loan and scholarships accepted by institutes offering MBBS from USA
  • Preparation of medical screening tests like USMLE, FMGE, PLAB and more
  • Introduction rich USA culture, food and traditions
  • Clinical internship in state-of-the-art affiliated hospitals of medical colleges, USA
  • Government is constantly improving education experience for international students
  • USA medical universities listed by Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings
  • Medical colleges in USA are accredited by MCI, WHO, MOE, FAIMER, UNESCO and ACGME
  • Choice of Clinical Integrative Medicine Course, USA (also recognized by MCI)
  • MBBS degree of USA recognized worldwide
  • Experience best medical practices, research studies and discoveries
  • No entrance exam
  • No donation
  • No English language test clearance
  • Reduced cost of accommodation in MCI approved medical universities of USA
  • Affordable cost of living in USA
  • Modern living amenities and facilities
  • Low cut off grades
  • 5-years MBBS in USA + 1-year internship
  • With so many advantages of studying MBBS in USA, there is hardly any disadvantages of studying MBBS in USA

To further encourage our students, make a medical career in the USA and UK, offers MU’s Exclusive PLAB Program and MU’s Exclusive USMLE Program during the MBBS course. While PLAB is mandatory for a medical career in the UK, USMLE is aimed for the USA.

Special team of medical experts and education trainers conduct the MU’s Exclusive PLAB Program and MU’s Exclusive USMLE Program both online (via app) and offline (when students return to India in vacation) to ensure student success in the first attempt itself. as the fastest growing international medical education consultant in India prepares medical undergraduates for PLAB (UK) and USMLE (USA) entrance exams by conducting extensive preparatory classes for all MBBS in abroad Indian students. MU’s Exclusive PLAB Program and MU’s Exclusive USMLE Program classes by our team is composed of multimedia study materials, live lectures, podcasts, mock tests and doubt clearing sessions such that every student can comfortably cope with the PLAB and USMLE preparation without affecting their ongoing MBBS course.

MU’S Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) Program:
  • If you wish to make a medical career in the UK, then appearing for the PLAB exam is mandatory. International medical graduates can appear for this 2-part PLAB test conducted by the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom.
  • PLAB has 2 parts – i) PLAB 1: 180 Single Best Answer question – 3 hours ii) PLAB 2: Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)
  • Only students who qualify PLAB 1 can appear for PLAB 2. There can be maximum 2-years difference between PLAB 1 and PLAB 2.
  • The PLAB exam happens four times in a year - March, June, September and November.
  • Only qualified MBBS graduates can apply for PLAB.
  • IELTS with 7.5 band is mandatory for PLAB applicants.
During your MBBS course from USA, you have the choice of beginning the PLAB preparation classes with from fifth year onwards. also helps International Medical Graduates to apply and secure best medical internships in the UK after clearing the PLAB exam.

Every year, we at meet aspiring enthusiastic Indian students so confused to choose among the 45-MCI approved medical colleges of USA. We understand the dilemma particularly for first-timers and put them in touch with our best education consultant for crisp understanding, best decision and seamless experience. Yet, some common tips to overcome the confusion and select the best MCI approved USA medical university are as follows -

  • Find out online reviews and university rankings
  • Check official website of the top 10 MBBS colleges in USA (based on ranking)
  • Try connecting with university professors or alumni over social media
  • Ask education consultant for all doubt clearance
  • Find out about extra facilities like library, pool and so on in the university
  • Verify the accommodation system, process and fees
  • Research affordability, course fees and cost of living
  • Shortlist among 45 MCI approved medical universities in USA based on your preferences
  • Learn about placement records
Recognition of MBBS degree from the USA
  • The MD degree from the USA is recognized worldwide with all major organizations and licensing examinations.
  • MCI - Medical Council of India
  • HAAD - Health Authority Abu Dhabi
  • MOH- Ministry of Health of Emirates
  • AMC - Australian Medical Council
  • GMC - General Medical Council
  • MCC - Medical Council of Canada
  • WHO - World Health Organization
  • ECFMG - Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  • FAIMER - Foundation for the Development of International Medical Education and Research
  • SSH - Society of Stimulation Healthcare
  • 1. The following cannot be carried to the USA:

    • Absinthe (Alcohol)
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Automobiles
    • Biologicals
    • Ceramic Tableware
    • Cultural Artifacts and Cultural Property
    • Defense Articles or Items with Military or Proliferation Applications
    • Dog and Cat Fur
    • Drug Paraphernalia
    • Firearms
    • Fish and Wildlife
    • Food Products (Raw and Prepared)
    • Prior Notice for Food Importation
    • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Game and Hunting Trophies
    • Gold
    • Haitian Animal Hide Drums
    • Medication
    • Merchandise from Embargoed Countries
    • Pets
    • Photographic Film
    • Plants and Seeds
    • Soil
    • Textiles and Clothing
    • Trademark and Copyrighted Articles
  • 2. Please keep your passport and visa documents handy during departure and on arrival at the USA. The custom and immigration process in the USA may take up to 3-hours. Our representatives will wait for you outside the airport to receive you. Please fix an appointment time in advance.

  • 3. At USA Airport, first is US immigration process followed by luggage pick up and customs exit.

    List of goods you can carry to USA and are viewed as personal belongings:

    • Jewellery
    • Clothes
    • Stationary
    • Common electronic items like mobile phone, laptop, charger, razor and camera
    • Sports equipment
    • Personal cosmetics and hygiene goods
    • Linen
    • Medicine
    • Handheld musical instruments

    In case, authorities detain you for any items, please have a clear explanation regarding its personal usage. Any good/product intended for sale or trade in or outside USA are confiscated by authorities. The outcome can be harassing.

Common FAQs about MBBS in USA:
  • 1. Is NEET mandatory for MBBS in USA?


  • 2. Is IELTS or TOEFL mandatory to study MBBS at USA?

    TOEFL is only required for students who pursue both MBBS and medical PG in the USA.

  • 3. Do MBBS universities in USA help in preparation for USMLE?

    Yes. also offers MU Exclusive USMLE Program for international medical students.

  • 4. Is internship mandatory in MBBS at USA?

    Yes, 80-week internship is mandatory for Medical PG, USA. It is called clinical rotation.

    Students who pursue MBBS in abroad countries and then Medical PG in USA do not need to attend clinical rotation. They need to complete the 1-year internship of their respective MBBS program.

  • 5. Can I do internship in India after completing MBBS in USA?


  • 6. Which is the best university in USA for medical course?

    Well, it depends on your preferred subject and budget for MBBS course, USA

  • 7. What is the age criteria for MBBS application to USA?

    17-25 years

  • 8. Is MBBS degree from USA accepted in India?

    MBBS degree from USA is accepted in India and worldwide. In fact, students who clear USMLE and complete medical post graduation in USA do not need to appear for MCI Screening test as well.

  • 9. Is Indian veg food available in USA?

    Indian veg food is available in USA. USA local food also tastes superb.

  • 10. How many MCI approved medical universities in the USA?


  • 3. What is the MBBS course duration in USA?

    The MBBS course duration in USA is ideally 4-years. However, prerequisite of BS-Degree stretches this time span.

    Thus, it is better to opt for MBBS in abroad/CIS countries and then, medical PG in USA as it has no time, budget or requirement of BS-Degree. In fact, MBBS abroad and medical PG in USA is most cost and time effective, according to

  • 4. What is CAM-HP approval?

    Well, major portion of students often return mid-way while pursuing MBBS in Caribbean Islands. This is because most Caribbean Island medical colleges do not have CAM-HP approval. Students from institutes devoid of CAM-HP approval are not accepted in the USA.

  • 5. What is observership? How is it different from clinical rotation?

    Many medical colleges in the Caribbean Islands offer observership. Similar to clinical rotation, while doing observership, international medical graduates can directly interact or communicate with patients. Students who do observership in Caribbean Islands do not succeed for medical postgraduation in USA.

  • 6. What is the importance of USMLE?

    USMLE is a 3-step medical entrance exam mandatory for medical graduates to clear in order to pursue postgraduate medical studies in the USA.

    Read USMLE blog now.

  • 7. After MBBS in India or Abroad Countries, how to opt for medical PG in USA?

    Simply, by clearning the USMLE with guidance from

STUDY IN BEST USA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY THROUGH is the fastest growing international education consultant in India that started medical universities in USA its journey in 2007. So far, we have experience of successfully placing 15000+ students in prestigious medical universities worldwide. The best part is, the comprises education experts and 14 real-life doctors who offer their best consultancy to both parents and students in order to set sail to a fantastic international medical career.

  • Minimum consultancy service charges
  • Free career counselling session for both students and teachers
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  • Shortlist based on budget
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  • Constant guidance for 6-years till student graduates
  • Representative available in USA for any emergency
  • Coaching for FMGE and USMLE
  • Rich academic learning resources for all students
  • Transparent, honest and reliable communication
  • Guaranteed admission and visa application
  • Complete documentation process
  • Seamless admission experience
  • Prepare student resume/recommendation letter formats
  • Frequent seminars to put in touch aspiring students across India
  • Post visa application support (Flight booking, insurance, foreign exchange)
Webinars and Seminars: conducts webinars and seminars on daily basis. Reputed doctors discuss about benefits of studying MBBS in abroad countries, how to opt for it and related practical tips. Students from any part of the world can join the webinars and seminars.

On-Phone Counseling for Students and Parents: counseling services are available on-phone. Wherever you might be located, our team of education experts are always ready to talk to you and your parents. Counseling by our experts help to understand the perks of international medical education.

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For anything further related to medical admission in USA, call us at our toll-free number 1800-123-5619.

Who can Guide you best for FMGE/MCI Screening Test?



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