Australian Medical Council Exam

What USMLE is for USA, PLAB is for UK, Australian Medical Council (AMC) Exam is for Australia implying international medical graduates willing to become a doctor in Australia must appear for the AMC Exam. The AMC Exam has two parts – AMC 1 and AMC 2.

In this blog by, we will look at the primary information that every international medical student has a basic idea when planning to apply for the AMC exam.

Fresh international medical graduates need to clear both AMC 1 and AMC 2 for medical licensing and practicing in Australia.

For international medical graduates with both PLAB score and MRCP certificate do not need to appear for the AMC exam.

International medical graduates with clinical work experience can skip PLAB, opt for Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Assessment to get license and practice in Australia.

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  1. Registration on the official website of Medical Board of Australia
  2. EPIC Registration
  3. Education Commission for Foreign Medical graduates’ registration
  4. Visa Application for Australia (no guarantee)
  5. AMC guidance and application
  6. Guidance to choose best medical specialty discipline

The AMC exam aims to assess the following qualities of a student-

AMC 1 Knowledge of general practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology
AMC 2 Clinical skills in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics and psychiatry
**Please note, AMC exam limits to clinical subjects only.

There are several other differentiating factors between AMC 1 and AMC 2 exam. Take a look-

Differentiating Factor AMC 1 AMC 2
FEES 1,50,000 INR (approx.) Exam Cancellation fee – 68,000 INR (approx.) Score reverification fee- 3500 INR (approx.) 1,70,000 INR (approx) Exam retest fee- 1,00,000 INR (approx)
VENUE Many places globally INDIA- Chennai Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad Mumbai Australian Medical Council’s Vernon C Marshall National Test Centre (NTC), Melbourne
DOCUMENTS Drivers License Passport State/County Identification Card Green Card Permanent Residents Visa  
EXAM FORMAT Multiple choice questions – Computer Adaptive test Clinical skills – Patient to doctor interaction 16-component multistation assessment


10 or more/14


9 or less/14


Not applicable

MINIMUM SCORE 250 Low passing ratio
RESULT After 4-weeks After 2-weeks Posted on website only on Friday

Every year the AMC exam registration starts in the month of November.

One of the most common questions, applicants have before choosing AMC exam is – is IELTS required for AMC exam?

The answer is – No, IELTS is not required for AMC exam, Australia.

However, after AMC 1 and AMC 2 exam, international medical graduates need IELTS for job/internship application to Australian medical centers. (7.5 band per section)

AMC also accepts OET exam for English proficiency. The score should be B.

On the AMC test day, there is no ID entrance ticket issued. Students are granted entry based on biometrics attendance at the exam venue.

For students intending to reschedule the AMC exam. Documentary evidence genuinely defining the reason for rescheduling is a must for submission.

Students who get an AMC certificate with ‘Eligible’ results can only move to Australia.

Please note, AMC certificate is only offered to students who have their prior medical education academic records verified by EICS.

Following is the roadmap for becoming a doctor in Australia with for different kinds of international medical graduates –

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