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Map Location Of University Of Vienna

Being an international traveler or tourist, to feel liberty at the greatness of beautiful sights, architectural monuments and masterpieces, there’s no place in the world than to you have all it all here at Vienna. The region is also quite famous for standard living and lifestyle. On top of everything – You get to experience a different level of energy eyeing over the valued culture and supportive people. Thus, that’s how you will love to be at the city that has retained its colossal historical heritage in the best possible manner. Below is the map location of the University of Vienna for your reference.
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University Of Vienna Is Located In Vienna, Austria (About The City)

Would you love to visit the region which has its historical center listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List? Well, it’s a sure fact – Your answer is going to be yes. And, the thing that will also entice you the most is the unique charm, energy as well as the atmosphere the city Vienna being the capital of Austria has to offer. Again, it’s more like living with utmost convenience, satisfaction as well as honor. From spacious imperial squares to magnificent palaces, this is what makes it timeless and one of the highest preferred-to-visit cities in the world. The best part is – Being an international student, you can think of enrolling into the University of Vienna for any medical program you want to pursue. Study MBBS, today!
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International Airports Near University Of Vienna

  • Vienna International Airport
  • Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport
  • Brno-Turany Airport
  • Graz Airport
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About University Of Vienna

The quality education is everything. That’s what the University of Vienna is more committed to serve to national and international students. With having research centers to laboratories for students to experiment, the University extensively conducts scientific activities and different programs to boost the confidence level and make sure things are understood in the best possible manner. In saying so – Students also get the chance to read through the publications the library has them all. From competent and quality staff, professors, doctors and scientists, students get hands-on experience when it comes to study any medical program they want to. Thus, study MBBS or any medical program of your choice, today!
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Accommodation at University Of Vienna

With refrigerator and all clear, neat and high-end kitchen for the best food convenience and facility, the University of Vienna has got everything any national or an international student will ever want to have in place. The rooms are quite cozy, comfortable and highly rewarded. Proper cleaning to necessary equipment and amenities inside the room will always help you feel the best stay and experience. Study MBBS, today!
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Advantages of Pursuing MBBS in University Of Vienna

  • Highly Preferred Medical University For Medicine Programs
  • Amazing Infrastructure With Necessary Labs
  • MBBS Degrees Are Recognized Worldwide
  • Strong & Thorough Medicine Foundation
  • Hostel Facilities Are Available
  • Practical Teaching Patterns
  • Study Scholarships

Fees Structure of University Of Vienna

University Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students Total MBBS Tuition Fees(Rs.)
University Of Vienna Eligibility: Indian Student should get 85% in PCB of 12th. (70% PCB in ICSE/CBSE) Update Soon
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Accreditation License

The University Of Vienna has been accredited as well as recognized by the Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft and Forschung, Österreich.
Side-Note: Whether you want to go for graduation or post-graduation in medicine in Austria, the University of Vienna will always serve you with the purpose and help you shine your career in the best possible manner. Their staff and quality professors are at the best to ensure students get practical approach on what they learn. In fact, if you are an international student and want to pursue medical programs, including MD in Austria after MBBS, just ensure to think of enrolling into the University since the infrastructure and quality education is what it is known and famous for.

Ranking & Recognition

When it comes to National & World Ranking, the University is at 1st and 115th position consecutively.
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Documents Require For Admission In University Of Vienna

  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Health & Medical Certificate
  • Passport Sized Photographs
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • No Criminal Certificate
  • Academic Certificates
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Application Form

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