Duration of the course

6 years

Nearest Airport

Tbilisi International Airport


Meets MCI/NMC standards


1st  in Georgia















Location- Ilia State University

Founded in the 5th century AD, Tbilisi is not only the capital city of Georgia but also the largest city in Georgia. Since, it shares crossroads between Europe and Asia, It is considered to be an important transit for energy and trade projects. Every great city has some iconic places for people to see and mesmerize. Some of the major attractions of Tbilisi involve Sameba and Sioni cathedrals, Freedom square, Rustaveli Avenue and Agmashenebli Avenue, Narikala Fortress, Pseudo- Moorish opera theatre, and of course the Georgian National Museum. Tbilisi has a great climate with beautiful summer and winter times. The temperature in Tbilisi in the summertime is between 20 to 32 degrees Celsius and in the winter it stays between -1 to 7 degrees Celsius. 


Study MBBS in Georgia – Ilia State University

Founded in the year 2006, this university is established based on unique principles set forward by academicians. Ilia State University intends to promote research in every sector of academics and professional training. ISU has specific principles that are framed for the hassle-free research and studies of the students, these principles are 

  • Academic Freedom
  • Freedom of conscience 
  • Freedom of Choice 

Due to its potential for major research in the field of science and medicine, Ilia State University has introduced its medical programs. MBBS course framed by the university is of top-quality and medical students get opportunities to explore and learn what they have a flair for. It is an upcoming hub for medical students from India as it provides a unique course structure and at the same time, it matches the Indian MBBS courses. 


Why choose Ilia State University for MBBS in Georgia?


  • One of the leading research universities in Georgia makes it suitable for MBBS in Georgia 
  • The Ilia State University has a Medical Scientific Research Institute specifically for medical studies
  • MBBS students get an opportunity to learn in highly advanced research.
  • Ilia State University ranks 631 in “Best Global Universities” and ranked No.1 in Georgia. Undoubtedly Ilia State University is young and tops most of the medical universities in Georgia and abroad.


MBBS fee Structure for the Academic year 2022-2023









5300 USD

5300 USD

5300 USD

5300 USD

5300 USD




3000 USD

3000 USD

3000 USD

3000 USD

3000 USD

3000 USD

*Fees may varyas per the currency exchange rate at the time of application


Facilities in Ilia State University for Medicine and Pharmacy

  1. Classrooms

Ilia State University has fully- facilitated classrooms for learning. Classrooms have multimedia facilities to equip MBBS students with a complete classroom learning experience.

  1. Laboratories

Ilia State University emphasizes on its research based activities. Hence, it provides laboratories with modern day amenities for Medical students to go through their practical learning process.

  1. Accommodation

Ilia State University has great accommodation facilities with an amazing mess focused on serving top quality food for its international students from around the world. International students can avail the accommodation facilities by contacting the Foreign Relations Office. Students are provided with different accommodation options.

Why MBBS in Georgia?

Unlike many countries that provide MBBS courses, Georgia has some unique features. Georgia has the right balance of both European and Asian cultures make it suitable for both Europeans and Asians to live and adapt to the country. That makes it ideal for MBBS aspirants in India to choose MBBS in Georgia. Unique facts about Georgia that highlight the perks of MBBS course in Georgia are: 

  • Georgia is a developed country. The top-ranking medical universities in Georgia meet European and American standards in their infrastructure. 
  • High-quality MBBS courses with reasonable fees to pay to make MBBS in Georgia even more interesting.
  • Georgia has a 100% literacy rate, so it will be easier for international students to communicate with the public. 
  • There are more than 20 best medical universities in Georgia that are recognized by NMC standards. 
  • Apply for MBBS in Georgia is simple and easy to do. 

Documents required and procedures for applying for MBBS in Georgia by


  • Copies of all the pages of your passport and ID of nationality (attested)
  • A document confirming your living abroad
  • Certificates of your general education (10th, 12th, and NEET results)
  • Copy of academic degree



How to apply?

Approach soon to talk to one of our counselors about all the documentation you need to apply for MBBS in Georgia



 Step 1: Submit an online application

Once you gather all your documents, submit your application via


  • Step 2: Write a Statement of Purpose


Then fill in a statement explaining why Tbilisi State Medical University should accommodate you.


  • Step 4: Acceptance letter


Get your acceptance letter from Tbilisi State Medical University


  • Step 5: Document Submission


Submit all your documents including your confirmation letter from the university at the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Tbilisi.


  • Step 6: Visa application


Once your documents are reviewed and accepted by the Georgian government, you will able to make visa application.



What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Georgia?


Students must pass their NEET entrance examination to apply to any MBBS universities in Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much does MBBS in Georgia costs?


It costs around 1.5 lacks INR to 4 lacks INR to study in a top medical institute in Georgia.

  1. Is Georgia Good for MBBS?

Yes, Georgia has top medical institutes which provide MBBS courses that are valid worldwide.

  1. Is Georgia good for MBBS for Indian students?


Yes, MBBS curriculum followed in medical institutes in Georgia follows the pattern similar to MBBS curriculum in India. The provide training for MCI/NMC screening test as well as USMLE and FMGE coaching.

  1. Is Ilia State University good?


Yes, Ilia State University is a brand new yet has become one of the leading medical institutes in Georgia.


  1. Is Ilia State University accredited?

Ilia State University is accredited by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Medical degrees are equally approved in Europe and US.


  1. Is Ilia State University MCI approved?


Yes, Ilia State University is included in the World Directory of Medical schools approved by   WHO. Hence, it is valid in India

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