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Hand disinfection, polio virus, rhesus factor, psychoanalysis and blood groups – five of the most iconic medical discoveries happened at the heart of Austria and simply signifies the importance of the country when it comes to global medical discoveries and inventions. By choosing to opt your MBBS from Austria, you can in reality experience the rich history of Austrian music and also make a step forward towards a medical career in Europe.
Though Austria medical education sounds very exciting, yet it has so many associated concerns and worries. Today, in this blog post by MBBSUniversities.com, we aim to establish a basic idea about the MBBS admission in Austria process covering curriculum, course details and other relevant information for international and Indian students.
Trust our Austria for MBBS blog post information, as they are updated and based on our years of practical experience in helping Indian students pursue medical MBBS programs in Austria.


Currency Euro
Important Airports
  • Vienna International Airport
  • Klagenfurt Airport
  • Innsburk Airport
Local Language German
Area 83,879 km²
National Flower Edelweiss
National Animal Eagle
National Anthem

Land der Berge, Land am Strome, Land der Acker, Land der Dome, Land der Hammer, zukunftsreich! Heimat großer Tochter und Sohne, Volk, begnadet fur das Schone, |: Vielgeruhmtes Osterreich!

Time Zone GMT + 2
India time is 3 hours 30 minutes ahead of Austria
Driving Side Right Hand
Dial Code +43
ISO code AUT
Climate Temperate and alpine climate
Government Democratic republic with the Chancellor as the head of the government The government has three branches.
Austria – New Delhi Distance 5699 Kms
Neighbouring Countries Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland
Major Uzbekistan Cities Vienna, Innsburg, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Hallstatt, Graz, Linz
Introduction to Austria:
Austria is a landlocked country located in southern Central Europe. Among countries with most nobel winners per capita, Austria ranks eighth. Officially called the Republic of Austria, the Austrian flag is one of the oldest in the world. The country continues to rank in the top for its highest standard of living in the world. Austria earns maximum from its tourism. Today, admission of thousands of international students including Indians to Austria MBBS colleges also contributes to the country’s GDP.
Popular tourist spots in Austria that you can experience as tourist or during your MBBS courses in Austria:
  • Vienna Hofburg
  • Melk Benedictine Abbey
  • Salzburg Altstadt - a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The Spanish Riding School
  • Schönbrunn Palace
Borders of Austria:

Austria is bordered by the following countries - Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Major Austria Cities:
Capital & Largest city Vienna
Other important cities







Austria Religion:
Christianity is the main religion in Austria. In recent times, the number of Muslims are considerably increasing as well. The minority religion in Austria are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jews.
Austria Alphabets:
Along with German language, Austria also follows German alphabets. German alphabets are similar to English with a handful of extra special characters.
English Alphabet German Pronunciation
A Ah
B Bay
C Tsay
D Day
E Ay
F Eff
G Gay
H Haa
I Eeh
J Vot
K Kah
L Ell
M Em
N En
O Oh
P Pay
Q Koo
R Er
S Es
T Tay
U Ooh
V Fow
W Vay
X Ix
Y uep-si-lohn
Z Tset
  similar to the e in melon
  similar to the i in girl
  no equivalent in English
  ß double s sound
Currency in Austria:
Euro is the currency used across Austria. (100 Austrian Euro = 8,259 INR approx.).
International Airports in Austria:
To step into Austria for tourism or to be part of top listed medical universities in Austria, you can book tickets for the following international airports:
  • Vienna International Airport
  • Klagenfurt Airport
  • Innsburk Airport
Austria – New Delhi Distance:

The distance between Austria and New Delhi is 5699 kms.

There are connecting flights from Austria to New Delhi of an approximate duration of 9 hours.

Language Spoken in Austria:
The official and popular language across Austria is German. English is the most popular foreign language spoken in Austria.
Austria Government:
Austria is a democratic republic country where the government is headed by the Chancellor, appointed by the President. Further, there is the Vice Chancellor and the ministers.
Healthcare in Austria:

In Austria, there is a choice of both public fund health care plus private health insurance. For Indian students studying medical in Austria, we recommend opting for private medical services only. In case of serious illness, we recommend students to come back to India and get treatment in consultation with a house physician.

Common diseases that happen in Austria are waterborne illnesses, cerebrovascular disease and COPD.

International Student Statistics:
500 (approx.) candidates apply for medical education in Austria, every year.
Top 5 countries from where international students arrive in Austria for MBBS statistics-
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • Maldives
  • Pakistan

Austria is one of the preferred destinations among MBBS abroad choices because Austria medical university offers a niche range of medical subject specialization to Indian students. Medical colleges in Austria offer a novel education system developing every batch of international and Indian students with far-sighted concepts following a qualitative western curriculum. This makes Austria a popular MBBS abroad destination welcoming hundreds of Indian students every year.

Most MCI approved medical universities of Austria also offer a choice of optional 2-year preparatory course.

We help aspiring Indian students apply to Austria medical school within deadline and without error, in order to experience one-chance admission without hustle and bustle.

If you are also looking to connect with the best international medical education counselling agency in India to learn about Austria MBBS admission, best medical university in Austria, MBBS in Austria benefits, MBBS in Austria for Indian students and medicine in Austria for international students feel free to get in touch with our experienced team of education consultants.

Degree Awarded Doctor of Medicine degree (Equivalent to MBBS, India)
Intake September/October
Course Duration 6 years

NEET clearance; 50% in 12-th final exam (Science stream compulsory with English)

17-25 years age

Medium Of Teaching English
Fees Structure 15,00,000 INR – 80,00,000 INR
Cost Of Living Depends on student
Accommodation Facility University hostel
Medical Universities, Austria Recognition MCI, WHO, FAIMER, UNESCO, Ministry of Education of India
MBBS Course Duration in Austria:

The course duration of MBBS in Austria is nearly 6-years. This includes a 12-week mandatory medical internship during the 6th year (11th semester) of the course. During the medical clinical internship, students experience intensive clinical training in accredited teaching hospitals of medical universities in Austria.

Other medical courses duration in Austria are as follows:

MBBS/MD 6 years
Dentistry 5 years
Pharmacy 4 years
Nursing 4 years
Medium of Instruction in medical college in Austria:
The medium of instruction followed by all 5 MCI approved medical colleges in Austria for MBBS at Austria is English.
MBBS Fees in Austria:

Considering the volatile nature of Austria medical colleges fees, it is tough to state the fees for MBBS in Austria accurately.

MBBSUniversities.com estimates the fee structure of medical university at Austria to be approximately around 2,27,707 INR – 10,00,000 INR per year based on our years of experience of helping Indian students in seeking admission to medical colleges Austria. Tuition fees to medical colleges of Austria are paid on a per semester basis. When looking for low-cost Medical education abroad, the annual MBBS Austria fees of 15,00,000 INR – 80,00,000 INR is lesser when compared to the rest of the world.

For those who opt for the MBBS preparatory course in Austria, the fee is approximately 7,00,000 INR. This can be paid in four installments.

**This is an estimate regarding the MBBS in Austria fees structure by MBBSUniversities.com. Please cross-verify the exact fee structure of Austria medical colleges on the official website before making any payment.
While calculating the study MBBS in Austria fee, both parents and students must consider the following expenses other than tuition fees:
  • Student visa for MBBS Austria cost
  • Health and insurance expense
  • Cost of living
  • Air ticket price
  • Emergency costs
  • Membership fee to student union
There are both education loans and scholarships for MBBS study in Austria.
MBBSUniversities.com helps Indian students avail the best education loan for MBBS in Austria, if they want. Medical college fees in Austria can be also subsidized by scholarships available on eligibility basis.
Monthly cost of living in Austria for a healthy student life (except hostel fees):
Stationery & Books 15,000 INR
Utility Bills 24,000 INR
Personal expense 11,000 INR
Food, outing & trips 12000 INR
Clothing 5,000 INR
Monthly Transport Ticket 7,000 INR
75,000 INR – 82,000 INR
Cheap tuition fees and living costs for international students in Austria is making it a popular choice for Indian and international students.
Accommodation Facilities for MBBS Indian Students in Austria:
All medical colleges Austria including top 10 MBBS colleges in Austria offer hostel dormitory facilities. Hostel facility in MCI approved medical colleges of Austria for Indian students pursuing MBBS from Austria is mandatory.

Common hostel amenities in medical university in Austria are as follows:

  • Clean and ventilated rooms on single and share accommodation
  • Washroom only sharing basis with geyser
  • High internet wifi speed and modern IT support
  • Minimum furniture including bed, chair, wardrobe, side table, study table for each student
  • Appliances include heater (for winter months), geyser
  • Canteen and Indian mess (vegetarian food available)
  • 24/7 electricity, water supply, security and CCTV surveillance
  • Laundry and housekeeping services (extra charges)
  • Choice of self-cooking in shared kitchen premises
  • Recreation facilities like game-area and television
  • Central heating and air conditioning system
  • Strict hostel timing and rules
  • Hostels supervised by hostel warden
  • Strict actions in case of hostel rule disobedience

Please note, hostel charges are not included in the tuition fees of MBBS courses in Austria.

Students who clear hostel fees and complete all hostel joining formalities during admission to MBBS universities of Austria are allowed to avail hostel facilities. MBBSUniversities.com representatives personally take care of hostel requirements of students in all medical colleges in Austria.

Intake for MBBS in Austria:
Following is the intake for MBBS Studies in Austria schedule usually maintained every year for Indian student’s admission to medical colleges of Austria. It is important for applicants to abide by the below intake schedule during MBBS admission in Austria as seats are available on first cum first serve basis:
Application Date February
Latest Application Date June/July
Visa Approval Date August/September
New Session Commence Date September/October
Every year, only when medical universities in Austria declare new session commencement date for Indian students, that MBBSUniversities.com education consultants help applicants to book the most affordable air tickets to Austria.
Courses offered by Medical Universities in Austria:
The courses offered by Medical Universities in Austria are as follows:
MBBS/MD – General Medicine
Austria medical colleges also offer PhD, Doctoral and postgraduate medical programs with a varied range of subject specialization. After completion of a medical undergraduate course from Austria, Indian students can choose to opt for higher medical education from Austria, India or any other part of the world.
MBBS Eligibility in Austria for Indian Students

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Austria are as follows:

  • Score:

    Only Science stream students in English medium can study MBBS at Austria. The score eligibility for MBBS in Austria is 50% marks in your 10+2.

  • Age:

    The age criteria to study medicine in Austria is minimum 17 years and maximum 25 years for all students (on or before 31st December of the admission year)

  • NEET:

    NEET Scorecard is mandatory for MBBS course admission in Austria. NEET is compulsory for any MBBS medical course across Europe as well. Hence, Indian students need to qualify NEET to study MBBS at Austria.

  • NEET mark sheet
  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • Age Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Moral Character certificate
  • Extracurricular activity achievement document
  • Recommendation letter from principal
  • Bank statement of guardian (6-months)
  • Tax proof of guardian
  • Visa
  • Air Ticket
  • 10 Passport Size Photo
  • Medical Health Certificate
  • HIV negative report
  • No criminal record proof
  • Admission acceptance letter from university
  • University Fee receipt
  • Affidavit or the sponsorship letter
  • Travel and Health insurance
  • Valid Passport of candidate
  • Consent letter from parents
  • German language certificate with level C1 (can be obtained from the preparatory course)

**Authorization of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

**Legalization of all documents from the Austria Embassy

** Carry 3 sets of photocopies of all aforementioned documents when travelling to Austria for MBBS.

  1. Broad and informative medical curriculum followed by medical colleges of Austria
  2. MBBS Syllabus, Austria focuses on subject integration, problem orientation, method-guided assessment, training capacity development and quality assurance
  3. Admission process without donation and entrance exam
  4. Semester wise MBBS fee structure in Austria can be backed with EMI and scholarships
  5. Classroom learning in Austrian medical colleges is composed of lectures, e-learning, multimedia study materials, presentations and so on
  6. First step towards medical career in the Europe
  7. Choice of 5 MCI approved medical universities in Austria
  8. Austria medical course medium of instruction is English but requires no English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL
  9. Opportunity to take part in glamorous student exchange programs conducted by medical schools of Austria
  10. Most Austrian cities are ranked topped in the quality of life index
  11. Austria has both great history and geography to experience
  12. Availability of diverse range of food like Wiener Schnitzel, Kasnocken, Kaiserschmarrn
  13. Subsidized tuition fee in medical colleges of Austria than rest of Europe
  14. Globally recognized medical degree from Austria is accepted in India as well
  15. Choice of 2-year preparatory course
  16. Austria is a top-choice when it comes to study medicine in Europe in English
  17. MBBS syllabus in Austria is informative, in-depth and elaborate
  18. MBBS in Austria for Pakistani students, Indian students and international students can be planned with MBBSUniversities.com
  19. Intake for MBBS Studies in Austria offers a broader time span if compared to other MBBS abroad destinations
  20. Study in Austria in English for international students is gaining popularity in recent times
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  • The PLAB exam happens four times in a year - March, June, September and November.
  • Only qualified MBBS graduates can apply for PLAB.
  • IELTS with 7.5 band is mandatory for PLAB applicants.
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  • The USMLE application fee is non-refundable.
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As the list of MCI approved medical colleges, Austria offers quite a many choices, it becomes tough to understand which one is the best. Thus, based on our industry experience, here is stating important tips that aspiring students and their parents must consider while applying for medical MBBS education program in Austria:

  • Give top priority to government or state-accredited colleges
  • Research about college location, city and facilities
  • Consider top medical universities ranking in Austria
  • Check Austria medical colleges ranking and online reviews
  • Pick college based on your budget and specialization preference
  • Check online ratings of the affiliated college hospitals
  • Check university hostel facility and fees
  • Check social media page of the university you plan to apply
  • Try getting in touch with alumni for genuine feedback
  • Choose a trustworthy international education consultant
  • When entering Austria, one can carry items worth up to 35000INR.
  • There is a limit in the quantity of alcohol and tobacco that you can carry.
  • During the custom and immigration process at Austria airport, please keep your passport and visa handy. The custom and immigration process can take up to 2-hours. MBBSUniversities.com representative will wait outside the airport to receive you. Please fix the appointment time in advance.
  • Subway, tram, train and bus are local means of commutation in Austria.
  • It is advised to carry a pocket German reference dictionary.
List of goods you can carry to Austria and are viewed as personal belongings:
  • Jewellery
  • Clothes
  • Stationary
  • Common electronic items like mobile phone, laptop, charger, razor and camera
  • Sports equipment
  • Personal cosmetics and hygiene goods
  • Linen
  • Medicine
  • Handheld musical instruments

In case, authorities detain you for any items, please have a clear explanation regarding its personal usage. Any good/product intended for sale or trade in or outside Austria are confiscated by authorities. The outcome can be harassing.

Common FAQs about MBBS in Austria:
  • 1. Is NEET mandatory for MBBS in Austria?


  • 2. Is the IELTS or TOEFL mandatory to study MBBS at Austria?


  • 3 Do MBBS universities in Austria help in preparation for PLAB and USMLE?


  • 4. Do MBBS medical colleges in Austria prepare for MCI screening tests?


  • 5. How many MCI approved medical universities are there in Austria?


  • 6. Is MBBS degree from Austria valid in India?

    MBBS degree certificate from Austria is accepted in India and globally.

  • 7. Are there placement programs offered by medical colleges in Austria?

    Depends on the medical college of Austria you choose

  • 8. Is the application fee paid to medical universities of Austria refundable?


  • 9. How to pay MBBS Austria college fees?

    You can pay MBBS Austria college fees online. However, MBBSUniversities.com recommends payment of MBBS Austria College Fees only after reaching in Austria with the University fee receipt, Invitation letter and other personal documents listed above.

  • 10. How many MCI approved medical colleges in Austria?

    There are 5 MCI approved medical colleges in Austria.

  • 11. What is the duration of the preparatory course before MBBS in Austria? Is it mandatory to opt for MBBS Preparatory course in Austria?

    The duration of the preparatory course before MBBS in Austria is 2 years. It is not mandatory to opt for an MBBS Preparatory course in Austria.

  • 12. Is Membership fee to student union mandatory in Austria?

    Austria is safe for women with one of the best highest lifestyle quality index in the world.

  • 13. Is Austria safe for women MBBS students?

    Austria is safe for women with one of the best highest lifestyle quality index in the world.

  • 14. How does an education consultant help in MBBS Austria admission?

    Best international medical education consultants like MBBSUniversities.com help aspiring students to make an error-free application to medical colleges of Austria for direct admission. Aspiring students who apply without guidance of consultancy tend to make mistakes and their respective application gets rejected. Also, MBBSUniversities.com as an academic consultant becomes support to Indian students from application till placement during MBBS course, Austria.


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MBBSUniversities.com counseling services are available on-phone. Wherever you might be located, our team of education experts are always ready to talk to you and your parents. Counseling by our experts help to understand the perks of international medical education.

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