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Side-note: When it comes to looking at the most traditional; however,advanced, revitalized and eloquent medicine university in China, the Shandong University ranks at the top.


Shandong University Is Located In Jinan, China (About The City)

As far as the capital of Shandong Province is concerned, Jinan is the one. The amazing thing you will love to find about the city, plus it has been confirmed by a lot of Chinese Experts that the city age is more than 4000+ years. To give it a special status and honor, the government awarded calling Jinan, ‘A City of Ancient Culture & History’. Whether you are an international traveler, vacationer or an international student to study MBBS in Jinan, you will always find a lot of attractions at the region. One of them is the Daimiao and Bixia Mountain Temples. Plus, the mountains that are surrounded the city has been famous for flora and fauna.
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International Airports Near Shandong University

  • Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (Jinan, China)
  • Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport (Shijiazhuang, China)
  • Tianjin Binhai International Airport (Tianjin, China)
  • Qingdao Liuting International Airport (Quigdao, China)
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport (Beijing, China)

About Shandong University

The Shandong University’s academic year is divided into two semesters. In the form of scholarships, financial assistance is always provided to the talented students at large. With that being said – More than 63,000 students from different countries and regions come over and study medicine & MBBS programs in the University because of the fact the teaching faculty and foundation is so competitive and advantageous. Also, to harness the benefit of international exposure and uphill students further around the world, the university also participates actively with a lot of international institutions due to student exchange programs. To study, the university also has a big and spacious reading room, involving a lot of publications for students and teachers at the best.
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Accommodation at Shandong University

When it comes to living in the university, students at Shandong University, China get the opportunity to live right on campus. There are dormitories which are equipped for them, including rooms with comfortable and convenient amenities at large.
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Advantages Of Pursuing MBBS in Shandong University

With having amazing and long-lasting educational buildings on the campus and dormitories, the university also has Dining Rooms, A Wonderful Library, Internet Cafes, Gyms, Playgrounds, A Museum and Shops.
  • The Most Famous & Major Medical Education Institution
  • More Than 4 Thousand Qualified Trainers & Teachers
  • Library With Countless Medical Publications & A Spacious Reading Room
  • Campus Rooms That Are Fully Equipped & Advanced
  • Constructive Medical Study Materials & Guidance
  • Hostels With Quality Convenience & Comfort
  • Sports Facilities With A Huge Stadium & Playgrounds
  • Tasty & Inexpensive Refreshments In University Canteen
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Fees Structure of Shandong University

Degree Category of Program Language of instruction Academic schools/programs Tuition fee, each year
Bachelor degree Program for Humanities and   Social Sciences/ Chinese language All 18,000 RMB
Program for Economics/ Management
English language All 26,000 RMB
Program for Science and Technology Chinese language All 21,000 RMB
English language  All 30,000 RMB
Program for Medicine Chinese language All 25,000 RMB
English language All (excluding MBA and MAB) 32,000 RMB
English language  MBBS 45,000 RMB
Program for Fine Arts & P. E. Chinese language  All 29,000 RMB
Master Degree Program for Humanities and   Social Sciences/ Chinese language All (Excluding MBA) 22,000 RMB
Program for Economics Chinese language MBA 87,000 RMB (for 3 years)
English language All (excluding Project   Management ) 32,000 RMB
Program for Management English language Project Management 40,000 RMB
English language MBA 60,000 RMB
Program for Science & Technology Chinese language All  26,000 RMB
English language All 34,000 RMB
Program for Medicine Chinese language All 30,000 RMB
English language All 36,000 RMB
Program for Fine Arts & P. E. Chinese language All 35,000 RMB
Doctoral degree Program for Humanities and   Social Sciences/Economics Chinese language All 26,000 RMB
Program for Management English language All 32,000 RMB
Program for Science & Technology  Chinese language All   31,000 RMB
English language All 34,000 RMB
Program for Medicine Chinese language All 36,000 RMB
English language All 36,000 RMB
Program for Fine Arts & P. E. Chinese language All 41,000 RMB

Accreditation License

The university has been accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.
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Ranking & Recognition

As far as Shandong University is concerned, it ranks at 23rd place in the top Chinese Universities and at 453rd by ensuring presence in the Top-500 successful universities.
Side-note: The Shandong University is one of the best and highly renowned medicine universities in China. You can study MBBS at the university since a lot of foreigners extensively prefer the University for MBBS or medicine programs.

Documents Require For Admission In Shandong University

  • Copy Of Passport
  • Medical Board Certificate
  • Non-Criminal Certificate
  • Blood Group Certificate
  • Copy Of Higher Education Certificate
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Letters Of Recommendation
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