The full form of the IFOM exam is International Foundation of Medicine Exam. IFOM is conducted by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) for the healthcare professionals.

The IFOM exam has 2 parts –





STANDARD (on par with)


Basic Science Exam (BSE)

Includes basic medical science curriculum

160 multiple choice questions in clinical vignette style



Histology and Cell Biology


Organ Systems




USMLE Step 1

15000 INR (approx.)

Clinical Science Assessment

Theoretical medical knowledge and understanding of clinical science

160 multiple choice questions in clinical vignette style

Family Medicine


Obstetrics and Gynecology





22000 INR (approx.)


IFOM exam has many similarities with the USMLE exam of USA. In fact, experts call it a pre version of the USMLE exam available in different languages for non-English competent students.

Why choose the IFOM exam?

  • If not well-versed with English language, IFOM can be cracked in many languages.
  • By appearing for the IFOM exam, you get an idea about your performance possibility in the USMLE exam
  • Be familiar with exam format of the USMLE exam
  • Adding IFOM to your resume makes it appear more lucrative
  • Costs lesser than USMLE exam
  • Often used as criteria for internship, exam, training program
  • For post graduate medical training programs
  • Examine student performance at international level

**Please note, IFOM exam does not complete the USA residency program criteria. 

History of IFOM exam –

NBME started the IFOM exam since 2010 designed to assess the core medical knowledge and learning of international graduates.

IFOM Syllabus –

The IFOM Syllabus covers global medical health care trends.

The IFOM exam is reviewed and set by a committee of international medical educators from medical schools across the world.

Is USMLE and IFOM the same?

No, USMLE and IFOM are not same.

What are the differences between USMLE and IFOM exam?

  • USMLE happens in English language only. IFOM exam happens in many languages including Portugese and Spanish
  • USMLE is mandatory for USA Residency Program. IFOM cannot replace USMLE criteria in USA residency program
  • The cost for IFOM exam is much lesser than USMLE

What are the similarities between USMLE and IFOM exam?

The syllabus of USMLE and IFOM exam are similar. In fact, the question pattern of USMLE Step 1 and IFOM Basic Science, USMLE Step 2 CK and IFOM Clinical Science is very close.

Thus appearing for the IFOM exam by NBME helps international medical graduates to understand their performance possibility in the USMLE exam of USA.


Where to take the IFOM exam?

IFOM exam be taken near prometric centers near you.

IFOM Exam Fees:

The IFOM exam fees is around 40,000 INR,


How to prepare for the IFOM exam?

MBBSUniversities.com being the best medical education consultant in India helps students to prepare for the IFOM exam. To prepare for the IFOM exam, students can simply be part of our MU Exclusive USMLE Preparatory Classes conducted both online and offline. The best part is just by being part of the MU Exclusive USMLE Preparatory Course, students can simultaneously prepare for the IFOM as well as USMLE exam.

The highlights of the MU Exclusive USMLE Preparatory Classes that also include IFOM exam preparation for students by MBBSUniversities.com are as follows:

  • Conducted by a mentor who is by profession a doctor presently practicing the USA and very well accustomed to the updated USMLE exam format
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  • Questions banks for reference to USMLE exam pattern
  • All books by famous authors, physicians
  • MBBSUniversities.com USMLE mentor also suggests integrated e-books for USMLE exam preparation
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  • Ensure seamless student enrollment for USMLE Step-1 after the second year of MBBS course. We help for both USMLE student registration and exam scheduling
  • MBBSUniversities.com arranges clinical rotation for students in ACGME affiliated hospitals in the USA
  • Live lectures and online classes
  • The MU Exclusive USMLE Program is structured based on the official USMLE website


Please note, MBBSUniversities.com is not associated or linked with any of the trademark holders of the IFOM exam.

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