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Map Location Of Wuhan University

Being the center of the Hubei Province, when it comes to looking at the uniqueness of the city, it will always be amazing to note – The region has been formed from several separate towns. Plus, from experiencing atmosphere of Real China and Chinese History, including Attractions to see, it has everything what it takes to get you on board. Overall, you will feel the era of the revolution and how things have evolved over the period of time in the region. And, the city is located on the plat part of Jianghan in the east. Below is the map location of the Wuhan University for your reference.
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Wuhan University Is Located In Wuhan, China (About The City)

With over 150 reservoirs of different sizes, the rivers have completely changed the city course, making it “Land of Lakes” by far. On the eastern part of Jianghan Plain, the city Wuhan has been located. This is where the Yangtze – Hanshui left tributary face is located. In relation to this locality, you will always find the term “Tri-City” in literature. Amazingly, it consists of three cities. Along with it, when it comes to the most densely populated cities in Central China, Wuhan ranks at the top. For every international study to study medicine program, the Wuhan University is the best one to be at.
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International Airports Near Wuhan University

  • Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
  • Yichang Sanxia Airport
  • Changsha Huanghua International Airport
  • Nanchang Changbei International Airport
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About Wuhan University

With the highest level of teaching and competent staff & teachers, the Wuhan University has been listed on the list of top 300 medical universities in China. As the university has been located in the picturesque place of the city, this is what makes it one of its kinds and highly preferred across the world. Along the same lines, if you are an international student, willing to study MBBS, Wuhan University should always be your choice. On top of everything – The University serves students with every possible facility and ensuring students learn to the best. It also has a big library and laboratories; you will really love studying medical program in the university.
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Accommodation at Wuhan University

The Wuhan University is one of the most sought-after institutions and overseas students really prefer it to study MBBS studies at. In a very pleasing environment, the city will also serve you with a chance to learn more about Chinses Culture and Diversity. As far as the university hostel rooms are concerned, they are all well-equipped with necessary facilities in place. This is how international students can feel the level of comfort at the same time.
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Advantages of Pursuing MBBS in Wuhan University

  • Strengthened & Thorough Medicine Programs
  • Big Library with Countless Publications
  • Competent Teachers & Quality Staff
  • Top Medical University in China
  • Advanced Campus with Amenities
  • MCI Approved College
  • Amazing Infrastructure
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Fees Structure of Wuhan University

Tution 40,000/YEARr
Application Fee 800/year
Insurance Fee Included in tuition fee
Accomodation 6,000-12,000/year
Food cost 3600-6000/year
All The Fee Stated Above Is Approximate Amount, Some Variation Can Occur In The Above Stated Fee
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Accreditation License

The Wuhan University has been recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Ranking & Recognition

When it comes to National & World Ranking, the Wuhan University is at 20th and 335th position consecutively.
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Documents Require For Admission In Wuhan University

  • Higher Education Certificate
  • Blood Group Certificate
  • No Criminal Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Personal Statement
  • Application Form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Copy Of Visa
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Curriculum of MBBS of Wuhan University
1st Year First Semester Credits Hours Second Semester Credits Hours
Calculus 3.0 54/0 Cell Biology 2.5 36/18
Physics 6.0 108/0 Basic Computer Application 3 36/36
Chinese 4.5 72/18 Organic Chemistry 4.0 54/36
Fundamental Chemistry 2.0 36/0 China Introduction 6.0 108/0
  4.0 72/0 Medical English 4.0 72/0
2nd Year Third Semester Credits Hours Forth Semester Credits Hours
Medical Chinese 6.0 108/0 Medical Chinese 6.0 108/0
Systemic Anatomy 9.0 144/36 Regional Anatomy 6.0 54/108
Histology and Embryology 4.0 54/36 Physiology 5.5 72/54
      Biochemistry 5.5 72/54
3rd Year Fifth Semester Credits Hours Sixth Semester Credits Hours
Medical Chinese 4.0 72/0 Medical Chinese 4.0 72/0
Microbiology and Immunology 5.5 72/54 Pathophysiology 5.5 72/54
Medical Genetics 2.0 36/0 Pharmacology 5.5 72/54
Medical Statistics 3.0 54/0 Human Parasitology 3.0 36/36
      Pathological Anatomy 5.5 72/54
4th Year Seven Semester Credits Hours Eighth Semester Credits Hours
Physical Diagnostics 5.5 72/54 Internal Medicine 9.0 144/36
Medical Imaging 5.0 72/36 Surgery 9.0 144/36
General Surgery 5.5 72/54 Gynecology and obstetrics 5.5 90/18
Nuclear Medicine 2.5 36/18 Pediatrics 5.5 90/18
Lab diagnostics 5.5 72/54      
Epidemiology 2.0 36/0      
Anaesthetics 1.0 18/0      
5th Year Ninth Semester Credits Hours Tenth Semester Credits Hours
Ophthalmology 3.5 54/18 Emergency Medicine 2.5 36/18
Stomatology 3.5 54/18 Dermatology and Venerology 3.5 54/18
Otolaryngology 3.5 54/18 Oncology Conspectus 2.0 36/0
Psychiatry 2.0 36/0 Rehabilitation Medicine 2.0 36/0
Infectious Disease 3.0 54/0 Forensic Medicine 3.0 54/0
Neurology 2.0 36/0 Hygene 3.0 54/0
6th Year Clinical Clerkship Credits Weeks Clinical Clerkship Credits Weeks
Internal Medicine 14.0 14 Neurology 2.0 2
Surgery 14.0 14 Ophthalmology 2.0 2
Gynecology and Obstetrics 6.0 6 Dermatology 2.0 2
Pediatrics 6.0 6 Otolaryngology 2.0 2

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